Add on levels for (Ultimate) Doom and Doom 2 created by me.




2002 A DOOM ODYSSEY (Original release) - A complete replacement for the Ultimate Doom with 4 all new episodes consisting of 36 new levels split between 8 different level designers (17 maps made by Paul) with all new music composed by me. Its considered as one of the best DOOM WAD's ever made. Limited source port required.

SIMPLY PHOBOS - A full 9 level replacement for Episode 1 of Ultimate Doom created in just 3 months in 2004. 100% original music.

DEATH TORMENTION - A full 9 level replacement for Episode 4 of Ultimate Doom made in the late 1990s. 100% original music.

DEATH TORMENTION 2 - A full 9 level replacement for Episode 4 of Ultimate Doom. 6 levels by Paul. 100% original music.

DEATH TORMENTION 3 - A full 9 level replacement for Episode 4 of Ultimate Doom. 5 levels by Paul. Limited source port required.

THE TWILIGHT ZONE - My first ever megawad. 32 brand new levels created between 1996 and 1998.

THE TWILIGHT ZONE 2 - The sequel to the Twilight Zone. 32 yet again brand new maps for Doom 2 with 100% original music created between 1998 and 1999. Limited source port required.

BELLA - 10 level speed mapping episode for Doom 2. Requires ZDOOM.

BELLA II - 40 level speed mapping megawad for Doom2, most maps by Paul. Requires ZDOOM.

WOLFENDOOMED - An experimental 11 level episode for Doom 2 consisting of Wolfenstein remakes of selected id software Doom and Doom 2 levels plus a Wolf3d remake of TNT Evilution MAP01.

WHISPERS OF SATAN - My last megawad for Doom 2 developed by me and Kristian Aro over a 3 year period between 2006 and 2009. It contains all new maps, 100% original music and bigger, darker and meaner levels than previous releases. Requires a Boom compatible source port. Zdoom recommended.


PAUL'S DEATHMATCH - My first and probably only DM Megawad. Paul's Deathmatch features 32 all new DM only maps for Boom compatible source ports of varying themes and mostly all new original music. Boom compatible port needed.

ZONE 300 - After a long delay in mapping I decided that in August 2013 I would challenge myself to making a 32 level megawad for Doom 2 in 1 month. Inspired by Doomworld's 100 linedefs project I thought 100 linedefs was not enough and an extra 200 linedefs would bring larger and more detailed levels. So after 6 weeks of work I introduce to you Zone 300. A complete 32 level replacment for Doom 2 designed for Single Player mode. Difficulty is medium and the maps get harder the further you progress. Another bonus about Zone 300 is that it also has all new music too composed by me as well. Enjoy and have fun and remember, it should work in Vanilla Doom2.exe due to the smaller size and less detail of the maps.


DEIMOS ENTRY - A Small map for Doom v1.2 replacing E2M1. Aimed at medium difficulty and an old school look. This map runs in Vanilla Doom.exe.

BASE OF SACRIFICIUM - A map for Doom v1.2 replacing E3M3. (in development screenshots below)

PROCESSING BUNKER - Can you clear out the haunted Processing Bunker? This is a relatively large and dark level for Doom 2 that will have you twitching as a horde of Spectres try to mow you down. This map requires a Boom compatible source port.

THE GREAT URBAN BATTLE - The Great Urban Battle is the largest level for Doom2 I have ever made which is designed for a Boom compatible source port and has Boom features. After a long period of inactivity in Doom level designing I dug out Doom Builder and wanted to make a city level, the goal was to start in a subway, find all 6 keys in the city while battling against the invasion of hellspawn and then exit through an underground dungeon/mine leading to a fortress. Work started in October 2012 and it took almost 4 months alone to make. This vast map is one of the largest ever created for Doom 2 alone with over 1,000 monsters. Its not the most detailed level in the world, detail is slightly above averaged to id's maps. The map contains an all new original and whacky MP3 song for mapinfo ports plus a MIDI version (D_RUNNIN) of the song for non-mapinfo supporting ports. Expect to take well over 1 hour battling in this map, always watch your back and save often. The 18 secret areas are a huge help too. See if you can find them all? - REQUIRES A BOOM COMPATIBLE SOURCE PORT!!


BOTERO'S MANSION- The first of my 1996 tune-up maps. In July 1996 I made my first ever level for Doom2 in DoomCAD 5.1 which consisted of a big, simple room to room map. It was very poorly designed with typical newbie mistakes. Now over 16 years later I decided to touch up the map in Doom Builder. Botero's Mansion is a bricks and metal map for Doom 2, heavily modified and renovated from my first ever map and uses 100% stock textures. The whole map uses only 1 sector tag. Height variations are minimal in this map with a challenge equal to Doom2 itself. The map should work in Doom2.exe but I recommend a limit removing port as the map is quite detailed and you could possibly get VPO's and other limitations that could crash it.

30 DIAL STREET - A level of the house I lived in from 1995 to 2008. Requires Zdoom. Replaces MAP07.

MAZE OF FRUSTRATION - A map that will test your patience to its limit. How fast can you complete it? Requires a source port.

SPACESHIP 1024 - Small tech level for Doom 2 set in space. Requires a source port.

FORTRESS 1024 - Small but awesome looking level for Doom 2. Requires a source port.

ANOTHER BLOODY CHAPTER - One big hellish level for Doom 2 replacing MAP28. Very big and tough. Requires a source port.

PALACE OF NEMRAC - Another big and hellish level for Doom 2 originally made for Doom Millennium in the late 1990s but re-released a few years later. Requires a boom compatible source port.

VERADA - A challenging and atmospheric single player level for Doom 2 made in 1999. Contains a new night sky, breakable glass and an new music track composed by me which is one of my earliest songs ever composed.

TOXIN REFINERY REMAKE - Single player level that replaces E1M3 of Ultimate Doom. Episode 1 style.


SPACIA - A SILLY DOOM SPACE ADVENTURE - You are in space, and then after you defeat the galactic empire you head into a bizarre world of childish humor, or perhaps total disgrace. 22 levels of total madness to keep you entertained during your lunch break. Requires a source port to play.

THE NEW ADVENTURE - Incredibly crappy, incredibly stupid. The New Adventure is one awful adventure indeed. 30 of the most intentionally disgraceful and rubbish levels you will ever come across. Reviewers, vent your anger at this! - Requires ZDOOM.

FOGHORN - Are you ready to eat raw cod? - But anyway here is a huge, intentionally crappy level, with terrible sounds and bizarre moments such as crates hanging from the ceiling, reverse lighting, relentless symmetry, copy and paste and weird texturing that will leave you rubbing your fingernails on the blackboard at school or rubbing your knife and fork on an empty plate. Uses an MP3 file of one of my trance songs. (Love Controller) Requires ZDOOM.


THE ADVENTURES OF ZBUB - An unfinished 8 level jokewad for Zdoom only available on this website.

CHONG - A boom-compatible jokemap that uses just standard textures.

NOTE: To play these levels you need a copy of the games Doom and Doom 2 by id software. I recommend that you use a source port like BOOM ( www.teamtnt.com ) or ZDOOM (www.zdoom.org ) to play these add-ons. Go to www.doomworld.com to find out more information.


(C) 2009 Paul Corfiatis. All Rights Reserved.